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Hudson Bourbon Whiskey

Hudson Baby Bourbon

92 (46% ABV) Proof

Notes of vanilla, oak and sweet corn predominate and lead to a long, slightly hot but sweet finish.

After a slumber of 6 to 24 months, Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey is brought to proof before each bottle is filled, sealed and numbered by hand. The bourbon has strong notes of sweet corn, vanilla and caramel intermingled with oak, which give it a fragrant and slightly floral aroma. 

$47.99 .750ml

Heritage Brown Sugar BourbonHeritage Brown Sugar Bourbon
60 (30%ABV) Proof

Bourbon whiskey with natural brown sugar and cinnamon flavors added.

Corn/Rye/Malted Barley mash. Barreled at less than 125 proof for <2 years in new American Oak Charred Barrels, then cut to 60 proof using our private crystal clear water source with natural Brown Sugar and Cinnamon flavors added. 

$23.99 .750ml

Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon

Noble Oak
Double Oak Bourbon

Bourbon whiskey finished with sherry oak staves.

Kentucky- Elegantly married from two of the world's most coveted oaks, American and Spanish Sherry oak. We use time honored methods. Our unrivaled double oak aging method imparts body, deep color and richness of flavor from some of the finest sherry seasoned barrels.

$29.99 .750ml

Don Q Limon Rum

DON Q Limon Rum

Exceptional Puerto Rican Rum with natural citrus flavors.
Sweet, delicate palate with notes of banana, pineapple and a hint of light wood.  The Limón starts with a rum that’s aged 1 to 1.5 years. The rum is then infused with Puerto Rican key limes and “natural essential flavor.” The result is touted as a light sipper or a mixer for those seeking an extra citrus kick.

$16.99 .750ml


Uncle Jumbo's Country Lemon Vodka

Uncle Jumbo's 
Country Lemon Vodka

Makes a great citrus martini or drink on ice!

Uncle Jumbo’s American Vodka Country Lemons a lemon flavored vodka made from American ingredients and grown by American farmers, resulting in a farm-to-bottle premium American Spirit. We don’t promise to be fancy. 

$25.99 .750L

$31.99 1.75L

Svedka Vodka Rose

Svedka Vodka Rose

Svedka Vodka blended with
5% Rose Wine

The new expression, bottled at 30% abv, is aimed at “thrill-seekers and experientialists who crave new ways to enjoy their spirit”.

Carl Evans, Vice President of brand marketing at Svedka, said: “Svedka is synonymous with breaking the mould in the vodka category and spearheading bold flavours that spark trends.  Aims to give both vodka and rosé fans a fresh take on their favorite drink.”

$15.99 1.0L

$22.99 1.75L

Stoli Lime
Stolichnaya Vodka
 NEW Lime Flavored Vodka

Makes a great Stoli Lime Mule & smooth on the rocks!  Enjoy!
Stoli® is where tradition meets the cutting edge—producing unbeatable consistency and quality in every bottle. We are one of the few who truly control the entire manufacturing process, from the farming of the wheat and rye, to distribution of the finished product.

$24.99 1.0L

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