We are proud to share with our valued customers a variety of Spirits made in Western New     York!  Support our Buffalo Area and shop at The Wine Sellar to see our Local Craft Selection!



Black Button Four Grain BourbonBlack Button
Four Grain Bourbon
Rochester, NY

Black Button Four Grain Bourbon is 60% Corn, 20% Wheat, 9% Rye, 11% Malted Barely and 100% NY state grown and distilled.

Perfect for a Manhattan, an Old Fashioned or just on the rocks. So sit back, relax and try the new definition of quality American Bourbon.


Black Button Citrus Forward GinBlack Button
Citrus Forward Gin
Rochester, NY

Gin and juniper go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly, but who wants to be smacked in the face with a Christmas tree? Black Button Gin has subtle hints of juniper with an orange zest overtone that brings a fresh new twist to this old classic.relax and try the new definition of quality American Bourbon.

Black Button Reserve GinBlack Button
Reserve Citrus Forward Gin
Rochester, NY

The combination of two true small batch distilling loves! The bright fresh pop of Citrus Forward Gin, and the smooth subtle woody notes that only a bourbon barrel can supply. Honey colored, juniper on the nose and citrus tones abound bringing this spirit to a whole new level. This little beauty is just begging for you to take her home to try in your favorite gin cocktails or to add a new twist to the whiskey drink of ole!

Black Button 20 Plate VodkaBlack Button
20 Plate Vodka
Rochester, NY

Black Button Wheat Vodka is a surprisingly smooth foundation you can build your drink and your evening on. Black Button Wheat-based Vodka is made from soft white wheat grown on a family farm situated on the western slopes of Conesus Lake. It is this local grain that gives the smooth taste, body, and feel that every distiller desires for their Vodka, and we are proud to have such desirable grain growing right here in the rich soil of the Finger Lakes Region.


Black Button MoonshineBlack Button
Rochester, NY

This barely-legal specialty is the smoothest sippin’ Unaged Corn Whiskey around. Traditionally made under the light of the moon to escape the Feds, this Corn Whiskey comes from an old family recipe. Learn more about what makes Black Button Moonshine so unique and how this smooth sipping spirit can bring moon shine to your evening.



Black Button Bespoke BourbonBlack Button

Bespoke Bourbon Creme
Rochester, NY

A warm welcome to the newest member of the Black Button product line, Bespoke Bourbon Cream. The only farm fresh, New York State bourbon cream around, Bourbon Cream is similar in concept to an Irish Cream. The bolder vanilla and caramel flavors make this a unique spirit that can be used on its own, in a cup of coffee or in a cocktail. Try it in a root beer float! This spirit is great for the fall, winter and all year round!

2x Hot Flavored Whiskeyt Southern Tier Distilling Company2x Hop Flavored Whiskey
Southern Tier Distilling Company
The true beauty of having both a distillery and a brewery? We get to marry beautiful things together. Our crew at Southern Tier Brewing Company brew beer with copious amounts of piney hops. We take the wort from the brewing process and ferment, dry hop, and distill it into this uniquely aromatic spirit.


Small Batch American Whiskey Southerntier Distilling Company

Small Batch American Whiskey 100% New York Corn
Southern Tier Distilling Company
Some people believe the Southern Tier is still the frontier, and they aren’t wrong. This American Whiskey starts with New York State corn. To age it, they use hand-charred, locally grown and milled white oak staves. They then finish it in whiskey barrels that have been aged with maple syrup in the spirit of true pioneers.


Southerntier Small Batch VodkaSmall Batch Vodka
Southern Tier Distilling Company
This is vodka born from the land it calls home. Made from 100% New York State wheat and filtered to create smooth, clean spirit, this vodka still remembers when glaciers filled the valley here, which is one of the reasons it’s so good on ice.

Southerntier London Dry GinLondon Dry Gin
Southern Tier Distilling Company

A proper gin, with a nose of intense juniper and subtle notes of fresh orange and coriander.  Pine forward on the palate with a slight spice and a pleasant, lingering, dry after taste from a botanical recipe that includes coriander, angelica root, grains of paradise, cardamum, and anise." - from the Distiller

1808 Silver Corn Whiskey1808 Silver Corn Whiskey
Niagara Craft Spirits

Niagara Craft Spirits Whiskey is made with the finest locally grown New York State agricultural ingredients and is distilled in our small batch, American made copper stills.  Hand made with care and a nod to our historic past, each has a unique and refined character.

Black Squirrel DistilleryBlack Squirrel Distillery

An up-close glance at Black Squirrel's flagship spirit, which tastes similar to rum, but is maple syrup-based.  Black Squirrel is a craft spirit that starts with dark, yet delicate New York State maple syrup, a treasure that yields the most perfect sugers - nuanced, mineral-rich, aromatic, and hearty.  

One Foot Cock BourbonOne Foot Cock Apple Brandy BFLO Distilling Company
Buffalo Distilling Co.
WNY's first Bourbon ever on July 4th, 2014!  A genuine bootlegger mash refined and perfected with 100% local corn & rye, the nose takes you straight to the grain ill with a sweet mix of corn & charred oak.  A full flavor leaves you with a pleasing finish.

Black Squirrel Maple ShineBlack Squirrel Mapleshine

If aged spirits aren't your thing, you're in luck:  we invested some time to invent Mapleshine.  Its' a multiple-distilled,, filtered, unaged version of the Black Squirrel you know and love, just without all of the oak anda bottled at 90 proof.  Many back-woods distillers would call this a "sugar shine", but we figured making it from maple sugar gave us the right to invent a new word for it.

1808 Gold Bourbon Niagara Craft Spirits1808 Gold Bourbon
Niagara Craft Spirits

1808 Gold Bourbon Whiskey is our first barrel aged spirit.  We start with the same 1808 Silver Corn Whiskey that we sell at the distillery as an un-aged spirit.  By starting with a high quality product we insure a high quality aged spirit.  We age our spirits in hand crafted 5 gallon, charred, American white oak barrels.  Making our bourbon in small batches and aging it in small barrels allows us to make you a hand crafted bourbon that has a depth of rich flavors that is reminiscent of big batch bourbons that are aged for several years.

Black Squirrel Ardilla Negra Maple Coffee LiqueurBlack Squirrel 

Ardilla Negra
Maple Coffee Liqueur
The newest distilled masterpiece to utilize Grade A New York State maple syrup is sure to become a household favorite in no time. According to the distillers, the maple has been blended with a proprietary cold brew coffee blend and aged Caribbean rum, giving the concoction a completely unique flavor profile that will appeal to a wide variety of coffee, maple and/or rum fans.

Black Squirrel Maple LiqueurBlack Squirrel
Maple Liqueur

Black Squirrel Aged Maple Spirit is a craft spirit that starts with dark yet delicate New York State maple syrup, a treasure that yields the most perfect sugars — nuanced, mineral-rich, aromatic, and hearty. We carefully ferment the syrup to bring out its underlying complexity, distill it in traditional copper pot stills, and then age the spirit in oak barrels.   It’s like rum’s smooth New England cousin, neither sweet nor harsh, with a subtle maple note and a warm, oak finish. Sippable, mixable...and like nothing else you’ll find.

Tommyrotter vodkaTommyrotter Distillery
Small Batch Vodka

Distilled from a blend of grains, Tommyrotter Distillerys Small Batch Vodka offers a mild sweetness and buttery palate experience.  Rigorously charcoal filtered to ensure a smooth finish.  

Distilled and bottled in Buffalo, NY

Tommyrotter GinTommyrotter Distillery
American Gin
The Tasting - 93 Points
From Buffalo, NY, Smooth and aromatic with an intense blend of roots, flowers, spices and herbs; complex and creamy with lush flavors and depth.

Lockhouse VodkaLockhouse Vodka
The Buffalo, N.Y. area grows some of the best crops in the world.  A fact we take full advantage of at Lockhouse Distillery.  The vodka inside these bottles is entirely made from grapes.  Grown in Buffalo's backyard on the Niagara Wine Trail.  Using local ingredients may cost a little more, but we think you'll agree its worth it.

 Lockhouse GinLockhouse Gin

Lockhouse Distillery's signature fine gin is distilled from the perfect blend of hand-picked botanicals, grain and niagara wine trail grapes. Crisp and Delicious. We think you'll find it befitting of a region with some of the best crops in the world.

1808 Gin1808 Gin
1808 Gin batch 1 is distilled from wine from the
Niagara Wine Trail in small batch copper stills using fresh botanicals and spices.  Using large amounts of fresh botanicals adds a unique characteristic to the Gin.  When served over ice or with cold mixer you may see it "louche", this slight haze are the flavor oils of the fresh botanicals becoming visible.

1812 Vodka1812 Vodka
2016 Sweet Medal Winner

Essences of vanilla and cut hay on the nose. Subtle, elegant and lightly sweet on the palate with a clean finish that doesn’t linger.  Distilled from 100% locally sourced organic corn 100% gluten-free product.  All the corn used in production is reused by a local farmer as feed for livestock.  Made with care in small batches

  • The smooth flavor allows for easy mixing or enjoyed over ice.

Devil's Bathtub GinDevil's Bathtub Gin
Devil’s Bathtub is a mischievous twist on a traditional dry style of gin. Using our in house rye vodka as a base, we’ve developed a unique flavor profile that highlights the pine character of juniper while balancing it with a creative concoction of 10 botanicals. Challenge yourself to experience new flavors and aromas like never before. Don’t settle for comfort; find the Devil inside of you.