Our Mission

Friendly Customer Service at The Wine Sellar

Our Mission at The Wine Sellar is to give all of our Customers the Service they deserve as well as offering competitive pricing. 

About Us

After 30 years in the food business, we've been asked many times...why wine?  
The answer is simple.  We love wine!  We love the way it tastes, we love the fascinating variety of wines in the world and we love the way wine brings people together at the dinner table.  We believe that you and everyone else should be able to enjoy wine - regardless of your experience or your budget.

But we'll be the first to admit that wine people, such as many wine professionals and really serious connoisseurs, don't make it easy for regular people to enjoy wine.  You have to know strange names of grape varieties and foreign wine regions.  You have to figure out whether to buy a $20 wine or an $8 wine that seem to be pretty much the same thing.  You even need a special tool to open the bottle once you get it home.

That's why at The Wine Sellar, we take the "snobbery" out of wine  one bottle at a time.  We help you select the right wine for the right occasion at the right price.  We believe that buying wine should be as much fun as drinking  wine.  We offer wines from around the corner to around the world. 

Join us for our weekly wine tastings and ask about our assortment of wines that fit your taste pallet as well as your budget.  Visit our "Tasting" page to view our wine and spirit tasting schedule.


It would be our pleasure to help you in your selection.

Butch & Kathy Castellani